There are many people on the road, both today and and in the recent past, who have documented their motorhome journeys during their travels. Many of them have provided us with the inspiration we needed to determine that a life on the road could be a reality and not just a distant dream. Here are some of those blogs that are both a great read and a mine of useful information and tips for anyone thinking about this lifestyle.

Bessy On The Move
Ian & Judit, although seasoned travellers, have now retired, bought a Bessacar E760 motorhome and have been travelling around Europe in Bessy for 6 years, documenting their travels on their blog. A wealth of useful information.

 Europe By Camper
A detailed account of Adam & Sophie’s one year extensive tour around Europe and Morocco in 2011 focusing on wild camping locations and providing details of their stop overs for others to use.

Euro Touring
Matt & Jo are a young couple who have decided to travel around Europe in a motorhome before starting their working life.  When they found that their original planned trip did not use up all their budget, they decided to extend it!

Life In Our Van
Rich & Cat travel around Europe whilst homeschooling their two daughters – Lottie & Libby. The trip is about living whilst learning. Lots of useful information from these full time bloggers on their travels.

Our Tour
Jason and Julie have probably built the most definitive long-term motorhome living blog available. Accurate accounts of their extensive motorhome tours detailing everywhere they have stayed along with a record of how they achieved financial independence at an early age. An indispensable read.

Our Bumble
Craig & Joanne first started documenting their travels in a pdf newsletter they distributed to their subscribers. Since their latest trip they now have an informative and regularly updated blog and have also transferred all of the information from their earlier pdf newsletters for your convenience.