Coulon, Venice Vert – The Green Venice

We are parked in a paid aire in Coulon, France and Kelpie is plugged in getting his batteries recharged. (46.3206468, -0.5919825).

Got up reasonably early (for us) and headed off towards Coulon which SatNav Sally assured us was only one hour away.  The roads started as motorway and gradually reduced in size until we were “sharp righting” in some very small and old French villages.

After yet another wrong direction from me and twice round the village square, we found the site. We managed to get a ticket from the automated entry machine and find a pitch. I have no idea what it looks like yet – it’s pitch black outside and not a light for miles. Hopefully we’re parked on an actual pitch and not in the wardens front garden.

It is a very quiet picturesque setting with trees and lots of green space.  There is a mixture of hard and grass standings – we chose a hard standing. Hard standing for the van and …… electric!

coulon 1
Kelpie on Terra Firma and connected at the blue topped pillar

We plugged in and got the heaters on – its still cold at night although the temperatures during the day are a lot milder than they are at home.  Internet connection is sooooooo slow and no real phone signal so we watched Now You See Me 2 on the TV. We had a great nights sleep (so glad we brought the memory foam mattress).

We discovered in the morning that there are about 80 pitches onsite.  The sun is shining so we dandered off (Belfast slang for a slow ambling walk :-)) into town We managed as usual to find the longest possible route, though if we’d gone the quick way we wouldn’t have seen the beautiful Sevre river and got some amazing pics.

coulon 3

Coulon is known as the Green Venice because of the rivers and canals in this natural wetland area of France.

coulon 2
Riverside properties & traditional flat bottomed boats
coulon 18
Small boats litter the river banks

The riverside is lined with quaint cafés, restaurants and a hotel (all closed for the winter) as well as fishermen’s cottages. In the summer, the little flat-bottomed boats are decked out with colourful seats ready for paying customers to take a gentle boat ride down the river.

coulon 7

coulon 11
Summer river trip boats deserted for the winter

coulon 8

coulon 9
Riverside hotel and restaurant

We found the town complete with the 8th Century church of St Trinity and a modern coffee shop.

coulon 12
The rear of St Trinity and the café on the left
coulon 6
8th Century ST Trinity church

We even had the luxury of sitting outside with our coffee and a big sticky bun. We sat outside the coffee shop in complete silence save for the single toll of the church bell at 1pm.  I think the French have vacated the country without telling anyone.

coulon 5
French coffee and sticky buns!

 There wasn’t another solitary person in the town – it was beautiful. Every French town/village we’ve been to has been so quiet, it’s hard to believe anyone actually lives in them.

coulon 10
Traditional shuttered windows
coulon 13
Mural of the landing stage

To see Coulon come to life during in all its colourful glory in the summer, check out this blog post by Bonvanage. It certainly looks worth a later visit.

Still trying to find a Post Office to post two increasingly tatty letters home.  The Post Office in Coulon is only open from 9-12 each day (not good times for us).  We spent the rest of the day working at the van and plotting our next move.


coulon 14
A beautiful property in the church square available for holiday rental
coulon 16
The leaves are falling
coulon 17
I imagine this does tours of the village during the summer
coulon 15
Metal artwork outside the only shop we saw open