Lets See Exactly What We’ve Got – Parking The Motorhome

In fact the van sat in the Castle car park for 4 days while we debated the various methods we might use to get it into the driveway. We wanted the main door to open to the side of our house – not our neighbours – which meant we would have to reverse the motorhome off the street into the driveway. After a frank exchange of views on how we should proceed I bit the bullet …… and asked a friend of a friend who is an oil tanker driver to do it for us.

Once again I watched in wonder as this guy hopped into the van and just spun it straight into the drive – first go! He climbs out hands Alan the keys and says “There you go”. Easy when you know how.

Not much wiggle room!

We were finally able to get a close-up and personal look at what we’d just spend our savings on. Somewhat dated aren’t the first words that came to mind but they’re probably the kindest. Its around 25 years old and had been used for corporate events of a yacht company. BUT it did have everything we wanted, a separate bedroom (with a kingsize bed!), a bathroom – well more of a room with a toilet and a cracked sink in it really, a kitchen and large seating area. Result!

We started a list of things that needed done which expanded by the minute accompanied by a growing estimate of costs.